Acne, the One Word that Strikes Fear Into Every Teenager

acneThink your teenager is confident? Just tell him or her an acne breakout is imminent. You’ll likely hear a bedroom door slam, only to be opened when said breakout has passed.

Ah, acne, the bane of pretty much every teenager. But acne treatment has come a long way, so there’s no need for your teenager to suffer as much as you may have when you were a breakout-prone high school student. At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we have various treatment approaches to address your teen’s acne issues.

What causes acne?

There is still a bunch of misinformation about acne. Everyone still thinks eating one too many chocolate bars or potato chips leads to acne. Nope.

Acne is basically caused by the sebaceous glands, which are mostly located on your head. These are the glands that produce the oil that keeps our skin and hair moist. Most sebaceous glands are attached to the hair follicles. Unfortunately, during puberty, when teenage hormones are off the charts the sebaceous glands overproduce oil. This overproduction means that the oil can’t leave the follicle fast enough and it clogs. Now that clogged follicle is a prime spot for bacteria to accumulate and thrive. It’s thought that the chemical breakdown of triglycerides in the sebum releases fatty acids that trigger an inflammatory response. This irritation shows itself in pimples and other blemishes. Like most things, there are degrees of acne from mild to extreme, plus some forms of acne can cause permanent scarring.

Different types of acne, different treatments

You can fit most acne into one of three types: comedonal, inflammatory, and cystic. Comedal acne is mild and can be addressed with over-the-counter products and practices such as simply washing your face diligently. Inflammatory and cystic acne are more serious and demand more aggressive treatment. These will usually involve prescription topical applications, retinoids, light therapy, even chemical peels in an attempt to both clear the clogged glands and to kill the bacteria that is multiplying in those glands.

How we treat acne at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

  • Chemical peels —Salicylic acid-based peels remove dead skin cells, open clogged pores, reduce oils, and improve the skin’s texture and surface composition.

There’s no need for your teenager to deal with the embarrassment of full-blown acne breakouts. Call the team at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware, 302-656-0214, and ask about our acne treatments.


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