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Get Ready for Summer with A Brazilian Butt Lift by Dr. Lonergan

It’s no secret that the derriere is especially prone to the effects of aging, lack of exercise, and the unfortunate reality that we often spend the majority of our day sitting. A Brazilian Butt was specifically designed to address this issue, and will add volume, raise the position, and enhance the overall shape of your […]

A Successful Breast Augmentation Recovery

After breast augmentation, the patient is taken to the recovery room.  Until the patient is released, a nurse will be monitoring the situation.  Recovery time varies.  Two hours is a normal minimum. Confusion and discomfort are typical when the anesthesia begins to wane.  Pain relievers can be administered.  Extreme sleepiness and blurry vision can be […]

Popular Liposuction Procedures

Also called lipoplasty, liposuction reshapes and slims body areas by the removal of excess fat deposits.  The body contour is improved and proportional.  Self-image is enhanced.  Localized fat deposits can occur in people with reasonable fitness levels and good health.  These are sometimes caused by heredity rather than lack of fitness or weight control. Many […]

Breast Augmentation & More: The Latest in Cosmetic Breast Procedures

These days, women have numerous options in regards to cosmetic breast surgery. Therefore, it would be a good idea to read up on the latest information. Of course, depending on the type of breast cosmetic surgery you have will depend on the information you find. For instance, there are four main types of breast surgery […]

Know What Your Breasts Will Look Like Before Your Breast Augmentation

The breast augmentation process continually improves as more and more woman visit their local plastic surgeons each year. MENTOR, creators of the MemoryGel™ silicone gel filled breast implant, introduced the MENTOR® Volume Sizing System. MENTOR is a leading medical device company. This revolutionary system takes the guess work out of choosing the right size breast […]

Painless, Quick Ways to Reduce Cellulite and Fight the Signs of Aging

Skin care over the last decade has been primarily directed towards combating the signs of aging. Fueled by the desire to look young, skincare has advanced tremendously, offering treatments that are pain free, safer, and require no down time for recovery. I offer our patients a full scope of skin care treatments. Among the most […]

Mommy Makeover

For most women, their body post pregnancy does not look (or feel) like the body they had before. Breast can sag and loose their fullness. The expanding abdomen can stretch skin and even split the abdominal walls, leaving behind a permanent protruding belly and excess hanging skin. Weight fluctuations can cause fatty deposits on the […]

What is a Mini-FaceLift?

Mini facelifts offer patients with less advanced signs of aging a minimally invasive anti-aging solution. A mini facelift is a great solution for people who want to treat: turkey neck, sagging jowls and wrinkles in the lower face. Who is the Ideal Candidate for Mini Facelift? The mini facelift is ideal for patients in their […]