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Using Crystals to Improve Your Skin

That headline can bring to mind images of some New Age retreat in Northern California where there’s nothing but Yanni on the sound system, tofu in the restaurant, and crystals everywhere to be seen, aligning your soul…at least in theory. That’s not what we’re talking about here in Pennsylvania. At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery we use […]

Do Your Brows Say You’re Whooped?

Life can be stressful. And the sun and other environmental factors can be unrelenting. That can make your back sag, but more visibly it can make your brows sag. The result is sagging skin, lines, and drooping brows that can give the impression you’re tired, sad, or angry. But a brow lift from Dr. Lonergan […]

A Great Time for Liposuction

Although the severity of this Delaware winter may have temporarily made you forget what summertime is, eventually it will return. And with it will come trips to Avalon, Stone Harbor, and Cape May. With that in mind, now is a great time for liposuction to get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat and get […]

Treat Your Skin for the New Year

What’s the largest organ in the human body? The skin. Who knew? And how often do we take our skin for granted, damaging it with sun exposure and the like? Maybe for the New Year you should give your skin, particularly on your face, a little pampering at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware. Here are […]

Do You Need a Little Botox for Your Holiday Parties?

Botox is so well known people think it has been around for decades. And it has been, but not for removing wrinkles on the upper third of the face. Botox has a pretty long history of treating issues such as involuntary eyelid spasms and temporomandibular jaw disorders. But in 2002 Botox left the realm of […]

All I Want for Christmas is a Bigger Booty

Everything sags as we age. It’s one of the dumb things about getting older. One area that can be particularly depressing is when it happens to our backsides. Yes, the buttocks are naturally prone to sag, both from the natural slackening of our tissues and from our sedentary lifestyles. What once was high, round bottom […]

This SculpSure Isn’t Michelangelo’s

Fat is stubborn…kind of like your mother-in-law up in Mifflinburg. No matter what you do, fat pockets in certain areas are incredibly difficult to target, much less have any impact on. The problem is that fat cells may shrink with weight loss, but they’re still there, ready to enlarge again. Of course, fat pockets can […]

Minimal Access Means Minimal Recovery

A traditional facelift can involve some fairly serious recovery time. That’s why Dr. Lonergan prefers to use a MACS lift for his patients wanting facial rejuvenation. A MACS lift uses a minimal incision that rejuvenates the lower face and neck by lifting underlying tissue. What is a MACS lift? MACS is an acronym for Minimal […]

Lose the Hair for the Summer and Beyond

Dealing with unwanted hair can make you feel as if you’re in that movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray lived the same day over and over again. You get rid of the hair through shaving, plucking, waxing, and the like, and then a few weeks later there it is again. But you can get rid […]

You Don’t Need to Go to Venus for this Freeze

Getting old is inevitable. Giving in to the signs of the march of time, however, is not required. At Aesthetic PlasticSurgery of Delaware, we’re all about helping our patients look their best. Toward that end, we offer a new procedure, the Venus Freeze™, a non-invasive way to tighten your skin and boost collagen production. What […]