Breast Augmentation & More: The Latest in Cosmetic Breast Procedures

These days, women have numerous options in regards to cosmetic breast surgery. Therefore, it would be a good idea to read up on the latest information. Of course, depending on the type of breast cosmetic surgery you have will depend on the information you find. For instance, there are four main types of breast surgery available to women.  The first and most common is breast augmentation. Secondly, women might seek breast reduction cosmetic surgery if they are suffering from overly large breasts. There are also many cosmetic surgeries performed for breast lifts as well as reconstruction of a breast after a mastectomy due to cancer.  For each procedure, the surgery is not the same – different incisions are made, possibly different anesthesia and varying recovery times.

Breast augmentation cosmetic surgery usually deals with implants that are supposed to enhance a woman’s bust line.  There are various types of implants like ones with silicone gel. Unfortunately, there has been much controversy over the use of these silicone implants.  Stories of silicone leakage causing neurological problems and other health issues have been circulating for years, with conflicting reports on whether or not the silicone implants are really the cause of these health problems. There have been new versions of the silicone implant created that supposedly do not leak and are more natural looking.  However, clinic trials are expected to take a long time.

Saline implants account for at least ninety percent of breast augmentation cosmetic surgeries.  Saline is basically a salt water base that can be absorbed back into the body on the off-chance of any leakage problems.  There are various shapes and sizes of these saline implants, with the adjustable implants gaining popularity.  These adjustable implants are just like they sound.  A little valve is on the back that can be used to inject or remove saline, depending on how big you want your bust line to look. For up to six months after your breast surgery, you can adjust the size in a simple office visit, most likely under a local anesthesia.

There are also round implants as well as one that is contoured to achieve a more natural teardrop shaped breast.  Various implants are available that you can choose that will help you achieve a particular breast profile. By bringing photos of celebrity breasts or other examples to the cosmetic surgeon, this will be a good guide on what you want done.  Then you both can work together to determine the best alternative for your breast augmentation.

Breast reduction is another popular cosmetic surgery.  When a woman’s breasts are too large, day to day activities can become painful, never mind any physical activities.  Bra straps working overtime to provide support cut into the skin along with neck and back pain are the most common problems.  Breast reduction surgery is often their best recourse to resume a relatively pain-free life.  With breast reduction, recovery can be similar to those women going for breast augmentation. However, with a relatively new procedure called the “wet technique,” bruising, loss of blood and swelling tissues can be drastically reduced.  This “wet technique” involves an injection of epinephrine and a local numbing agent or anesthetic early into the breast reduction surgery.

With breast reconstruction, a lot of different factors are involved.  Sometimes, breast reconstruction can happen at the same time a mastectomy is performed.  Other times, there is a delay between the mastectomy and breast reconstruction.  It is very much dependent on whether or not the woman has to undergo radiation.  In addition, skin expansion may also be factored in if the mastectomy made the skin in the chest area too tight.  Because of these factors and many more, your cosmetic surgeon would fill you in on all the latest and greatest techniques that might work for you.

Keeping abreast of the latest information makes sense for any woman considering breast cosmetic surgery.  Even though it would be an elective procedure for the most part, it is still a serious surgery.  It would pay off for you to find out anything and everything you can – from the procedures and risk factor to the latest and greatest in techniques.  It is your body a cosmetic surgeon would be cutting into, so be sure you know what you want and feel confident that you are receiving the best in care.

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