Breast Implants to Address Asymmetry

Most women have some degree of asymmetry in their breast, whether size, shape, position or nipple placement. Women come into my office with varying degrees of asymmetry, ranging from barely noticeable to entire cup size differences between the breasts. Breast augmentation with implants is an excellent way to correct asymmetry.

Size Asymmetry

To correct size asymmetry, different sized implants can be used to create a more balanced look. Saline breast implants work very well for correcting size asymmetry because I can adjust the fill volume during surgery to achieve an even size and shape. In some cases, it may be necessary to do a reduction with a small implant on one side and insert a larger implant on the other side.  This will help not only to create a more similar size, but also a more similar shape to the breasts.

Position Asymmetry

For some women, one breast may be significantly lower or higher than the other. In this case, a breast lift may be necessary to even out the position of the breasts. In other cases, it may be possible to lower the fold under the breast that is higher. Depending on the goal of the patient, implants can be used along with the lift to increase size.

Areola Asymmetry

If the patient’s areolas (colored part around the nipple) are different sizes, the larger of the two can be reduced.

Perfect symmetry doesn’t happen in nature. Surgery can improve symmetry of a woman’s breasts, but no one should expect perfectly symmetrical breasts. Solving asymmetry with breast implants takes artistry to ensure that the patient’s goals are met.

All of the procedures discussed above are routine. Most patients can return to work with a weekend recovery and resume most normal activities after 2 weeks. If you are interested in getting a consultation with me, contact my office in Wilmington, DE, or submit a contact form if you have any specific questions.


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