Breast Reduction

Thousands of women suffer with chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain due to the large size of their breasts. Other problems that can occur with large breasts include shoulder grooving from bra straps, moisture and infection underneath the breasts, and the breasts themselves can be painful and uncomfortable. In addition, it can often be very difficult for these women to find the right bra or fit comfortably into clothing because of their large breast size. For women dealing with these problems, breast reduction surgery can be the solution.

At its core, breast reduction surgery aims to make large breasts smaller. The surgery itself, however, has many benefits that are very appealing. The procedure reshapes the breasts to give them a more pleasing shape and appearance. In addition, large heavy breasts often sag and the nipples often point downward. Breast reduction surgery lifts the breasts to reposition the nipple areola complex as well as the breast tissue to a higher and more natural level. Large breasts often have large areolas and breast reduction surgery can reduce the areolas and make them more proportional to the overall size of the breasts. Another benefit of the procedure is that liposuction can also be performed on the sides of the breasts under the arms to remove any excess breast tissue in this area that can often overhang the top of the bra on the sides and interfere with the ability to wear sleeveless clothing.

While there are many cosmetic and aesthetic benefits to breast reduction, the physical benefits can be even more dramatic. The physical pain and suffering that women who have large breasts have to deal with can prevent them from doing many of the physical activities that they enjoy. In fact, the pain can be significant enough to interfere with even the simplest task in their daily lives. To have relief from this chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain through breast reduction surgery can be life changing. Many of my breast reduction patients tell me that after undergoing the procedure, they are finally pain free for the first time in their lives.

The satisfaction rate for breast reduction surgery equals or surpasses that for any other cosmetic surgery that I perform. The procedure provides physical benefits as well as cosmetic benefits and can greatly improve overall quality of life for years to come. If you would like to find out more about breast reduction surgery, call me today at (302) 656-0214 to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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