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Restylane® Adds New Filler Options

Most people who follow the aesthetic world at all know the name Botox and that it has something to do with the bacteria that cause botulism. Beyond that, there are people who know the various injectables and those for whom it all becomes a little cloudy. Even those who’ve heard of various fillers may not […]

To Fill or to Block — That is the Question

Time beats everyone. Well, maybe not Doc Brown from Back to the Future, but everyone else. With the passage of time come wrinkles, creases, lost facial volume, and loose skin. Where’s the fun in that? Dealing with that facial aging isn’t really fun, either, but it is effective at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware. We […]

Would Vampires Need Facial Fillers?

Vampires are all the rage these days; here’s a question about them. Since vampires never see the light of the sun, would they be wrinkle-free during their eternal life? Actually, they could, but they would have to force themselves to never frown, squint, smile, laugh, and a variety of other behaviors that involve repetitive facial […]

  • Posted on: Jan 15 2016
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