Hit Your Unwanted Hair with a Photon Torpedo

Unwanted Hair RemovalBattling unwanted hair is so…Sisyphean. You shave. You wax. You pluck. You attack with chemical agents not far removed from napalm. And a couple weeks later the hair is back and you do it all over again.


But you can be freed from the ritual punishment of shaving permanently. At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware, we offer laser hair removal so that you can say adios to shaving!

What is laser hair removal?

Hair grows out of follicles on your skin. Because its color is darker than the surrounding skin, lasers can be targeted to the specific color of your hair. By doing this, the laser energy is delivered onto the hairs rather than the skin, so the skin surrounding the unwanted hair is not damaged.

At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery we use our Super Long Pulse Diode laser from Palomar for hair removal. We set the proper wavelength to match your hair color and then hit the targeted hair with short bursts of laser energy. The hair absorbs the laser energy, which converts to heat and travels down the shaft into the follicle. When the heat energy enters the follicle it damages it, stopping it from growing hair.

Why do I need more than one session?

People wonder why you can’t zap all the hair in just one session. The problem is that hair has a growth cycle. For the laser energy to effectively damage the follicle, the hair needs to be in the growth (anagen) phase. At one time only about one third of the hair on your body is in the anagen phase. That’s why at least three treatments are necessary.

Can I pluck or shave before my laser session?

It’s important to understand that the laser energy needs to travel down the hair shaft into the follicle, where it damages the follicle and the hair’s root. To be effective, you want the roots to be in place. So, three weeks prior to your laser hair removal you must not pluck or wax your unwanted hair. You can shave because that only removes part of the shaft of the hair, leaving the root in the follicle.

Does it hurt?

Most patients feel that the sensation of laser hair removal is akin to a tiny rubber band being plucked against the skin. When the laser energy is delivered there is that tiny pricking feeling. Most people don’t have any problem with it, but if you choose we can apply a topical anesthetic to the target areas.

Want to say arrivederci to your razors and hair waxing? Call us at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 302-656-0214, and ask about laser hair removal.

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