Minimal Access Means Minimal Recovery

Facelift Wilmington, DEA traditional facelift can involve some fairly serious recovery time. That’s why Dr. Lonergan prefers to use a MACS lift for his patients wanting facial rejuvenation. A MACS lift uses a minimal incision that rejuvenates the lower face and neck by lifting underlying tissue.

What is a MACS lift?

MACS is an acronym for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension, which basically means a mini facelift using vertical suspension of the sagging tissue through a small incision.

What are the advantages of a MACS lift?

The MACS lift delivers much of what a full facelift can, with a far shorter procedure and recovery, and almost no scarring. Here are the advantages of the procedure:

  • The procedure only takes from 1.5 to 2 hours
  • The procedure is done on an outpatient basis
  • MACS corrects muscle and connective tissue using vertical lifting
  • It uses permanent thread for cranial suspension
  • Effects are natural looking, not stretched
  • Results are long lasting
  • It creates only a very small scar in the fold in front of the ear
  • Very few complications
  • Fast recovery in just one to two weeks

How is a MACS lift done?

In this procedure, Dr. Lonergan makes a crease in front of the ear. The incision follows the natural crease in the skin so that in a few months the scar is virtually invisible. Through the incision he detaches the skin from the cheeks up to the corner of the jaw near the neck. Next, Dr. Lonergan tightens the underlying muscles, lifting them vertically (this is in contrast to a traditional facelift that tightens tissues horizontally). Excess fat under the chin can be removed with liposuction through a tiny hole. After the subcutaneous skin structures have been corrected the skin is tightened so that it looks natural. Any excess skin is then trimmed and the small incision is stitched closed.

Why the MACS lift is different

The secret to the MACS lift is twofold. First, since your sagging neck, lower chin, and cheeks are corrected on the subcutaneous level, only a small amount of skin is removed. Second, the tension on the skin and subcutaneous tissues is applied in a vertical, not horizontal, direction. This delivers a natural tightening, not the stretched, tight appearance of some facelifts.

Ready for a minimal solution with maximum results? Have Dr. Lonergan perform a MACS lift. Call us at 302-656-0214 to make a consultation appointment.

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