Restore Your Beauty Naturally

Restore Your Beauty NaturallyWe all want to look and feel good about ourselves. Who wouldn’t want to?! But as we age, it gets more difficult to retain the skin we’ve always tried to maintain. No matter how expensive those cleansers and moisturizers are that we keep on our bathroom shelves, we still cannot escape the harsh effects of aging.

The good news is that science found a way for us to age beautifully and naturally. At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware, we make use of this knowledge and expertise to help men and women maintain the skin and body they’ve always wanted.

Our dynamic team of professional staff and board certified plastic surgeons headed by Dr. Ian Lonergan and Dr. Neil deLeeuw have what it takes to help you through the process of natural aging. Some of our most popular cosmetic surgery procedures include:

  • Breast enhancement
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Skin resurfacing

Skin, Body, and Facial Care

Aside from plastic surgery procedures, we also offer non-invasive services. Simply visit our clinic for a quick visit, and you’ll be done in no time at all. Our non-invasive procedures include:

  • Laser hair removal
  • BOTOX®
  • Venus Legacy LiftFX & SculptFX

One of the hardest parts in battling aging is the process of maintaining our skin. As we age, we cannot stop the development of wrinkles, cellulite, and even stretch marks that makes us insecure and self-conscious about our bodies. Thus, our non-invasive techniques help our clients combat these insecurities by providing safe and effective procedures for the skin, face, and body.

Why Choose Our Practice

If there is one thing we’ve learned throughout the years, it’s how to provide the best care to our clients. We don’t conduct procedures without an initial consultation as safety is our main priority. We educate our patients on their condition, the best options to meet their needs, and how to maintain results after surgery. At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware, you are guaranteed of the following:

  • Highly personalized cosmetic surgery procedures
  • Use of state-of-the-art equipment
  • A licensed and accredited facility
  • A variety of financing options for greater accessibility of services
  • Competent and highly-skilled plastic surgeons and staff

We’ll do our best to provide quality services and an incomparable cosmetic experience for you to age beautifully.

For more information on our cosmetic surgery procedures, invasive or non-invasive, give us a call!

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