Know What Your Breasts Will Look Like Before Your Breast Augmentation

The breast augmentation process continually improves as more and more woman visit their local plastic surgeons each year. MENTOR, creators of the MemoryGel™ silicone gel filled breast implant, introduced the MENTOR® Volume Sizing System. MENTOR is a leading medical device company. This revolutionary system takes the guess work out of choosing the right size breast implant.

Breast Augmentation ExpectationsIn the past, women had to rely and trust that their surgeon would make the right choice about implant size. Or in other cases, women would choose an implant that was too large and not proportionate to her body, against what doctors may say. According to a recent study by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, of the 1350 breast augmentation patients that were surveyed, 34 percent of those who underwent re-operation did so simply to change the size of their implant. Regardless, the MENTOR® Volume Sizing System gives women the power to choose the breast implant size that fits their body.

The MENTOR® Volume Sizing System enables me to work with each patient to determine an implant size that is a safe while also giving the patient her desired results. The system uses a set of 9 different shaped volume sizers which provides women with arguably the most realistic preview of what her potential breast size will look like. With the sizing system, I am able to simulate 24 different volumes, ranging anywhere from 150cc all the way to 960cc.

By offering my patients the ability to see how their breasts will look with the implants, my patients tend to feel more satisfied and invested in their decision. Generally, the overall satisfaction rate has been very high. According to Mentor, 83 percent of the surgeons using the MENTOR® Volume Sizing System have reported lower re-operation rates.

I continually strive to provide my patients with the latest technology plastic surgery has to offer. My hopes are that the MENTOR® Volume Sizing System will not only provide my patients with the most optimal results, but also the safest breast augmentation experience possible.

If you would like to try the MENTOR® Volume Sizing System, schedule a consultation with me by fill out my contact form or calling my Wilmington office at 302-656-0214.

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