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Know What Your Breasts Will Look Like Before Your Breast Augmentation

The breast augmentation process continually improves as more and more woman visit their local plastic surgeons each year. MENTOR, creators of the MemoryGel™ silicone gel filled breast implant, introduced the MENTOR® Volume Sizing System. MENTOR is a leading medical device company. This revolutionary system takes the guess work out of choosing the right size breast […]

Breast Implants to Address Asymmetry

Most women have some degree of asymmetry in their breast, whether size, shape, position or nipple placement. Women come into my office with varying degrees of asymmetry, ranging from barely noticeable to entire cup size differences between the breasts. Breast augmentation with implants is an excellent way to correct asymmetry. Size Asymmetry To correct size […]

Breast Lift Surgery in Wilmington Delaware

Breast lift surgery, performed at our office in Wilmington, Delaware can improve the appearance of sagging breasts. If you are happy with the volume of your breasts but feel they need more youthful height, a breast lift may be a good option. Breast implants can also be placed during breast lift surgery to increase the […]

Breast Augmentation with Implants Stefanies Plastic Surgery Story

Stefanie underwent breast augmentation with silicone breast implants at the Wilmington, Delaware office of Dr. Neil deLeeuw. This is her story, both before and after her procedure. Before her surgery, she felt comfortable in Dr. deLeeuws abilities. After her surgery, she loved the results and was excited to try new clothes.

Breast Augmentation and Enhancement in Delaware

Breast augmentation, performed in our Wilmington, Delaware surgical suite, can improve a womans self-confidence and esteem. Dr. Neil deLeeuw of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware will help you choose a breast implant in a size, shape, and texture that fits your needs and proportions.

Meet Plastic Surgeon in Wilmington, Delaware

  Dr. Neil deLeeuw is a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in the Wilmington, Delaware area. He enjoys the artistry of surgery and getting to know his patients on a personal level. He performs all types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, including breast augmentation and enlargement, liposuction, facelift, and tummy tuck surgery.