What City Has the Most Plastic Surgeons?

Plastic Surgeon and PatientIf you were asked which city you thought had the most plastic surgeons per capita, what would you say?

Wilmington? Probably not.

Surely your answer would include places such as Dallas and Beverly Hills, right?

And you could throw in Manhattan and probably Phoenix.

But those answers wouldn’t win you any money on Jeopardy! or a spot at the table in a neighborhood Trivial Pursuit contest.

To find out which cities have the most plastic surgeons we asked the team at RealSelf. You know RealSelf if you know the aesthetic industry. RealSelf is the industry’s most popular website, answering questions from patients and offering reviews of surgeons and new procedures.

In their statistics, the number one city with the most plastic surgeons is…drumroll.

Miami, Florida with 3.90 plastic surgeons for every 100,000 residents. Wow. All that sun damage, coupled with the glamour of Miami Beach must play a role.

You could try and guess the second place city from now until Wilmington gets an NFL team and you’d never get it right.

Salt Lake City, Utah.

What? Are all of those good Mormons getting nips and tucks? Well, it turns out that living at altitude with lots of UV rays and lots of sunny days every year can beat up on the skin. Also, Utah has the youngest marrying age in the nation, so mothers who are still young want to look young. Hello, tummy tuck! Salt Lake has 3.12 surgeons per 100,000 residents.

Finally in third place comes a semblance of reason — L.A. with 2.98/100,000. It is one of three California cities in the top 10. The other California cites San Jose in fourth and San Francisco in sixth. That spot for San Francisco probably surprises some people. With all the fog who can see anyone anyway? Facelift or not.

Surely, Dallas has to be next, right? No, but the next city is in Texas — Austin. Austin has 2.78 plastic surgeons per 100,000 residents and is fifth.

OK, quit playing around. Where’s Manhattan? New York comes in eighth with 2.61/100,000.

Are you ready for the rest of the shockers? In seventh? Grand Rapids, Michigan. What? In ninth, Tampa, Florida. And in tenth? How about Baltimore, Maryland to round out the surprises. Baltimore has 2.48 plastic surgeons for every 100,000 people. It could be that the continued sorry performance of the Orioles and Ravens makes people age prematurely!

Of course, numbers aren’t the thing; experience is what counts, and Dr. Lonergan and Dr. deLeeuw are both very experienced in the wide variety of procedures we offer at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please call us at (302) 656-0214.

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